2 thoughts on “About Michael

  1. I have been blessed to be a part of Michael’s journey…when I met him my life was full of negative things and I was not happy where I was in life… I was working with a group that I did not feel that fulfilled what I wanted to do with my life and did not follow the path I wanted to lead. I joined his group and my life became much richer and much happier and more positive for being a part of Michael’s life and being a part of his group. He has helped me to turn my life around and to work on developing my abilities as an empath. A day does not go by that I do not think of him and miss having him here in my life. But even though he is not here I know he is still a part of my life and I always know where to find him if I need him…I’m working on the things he has taught me and trying to go further in my work and classes and learning more…sometimes I thing God sent him to me to turn my life around, just like a guardian Angel….

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