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The journey of life takes us in a multitude of directions.  When I decided to start this site, I wanted to dive deeper into magick and paganism, to test the intersections with yoga.  This journey was wonderful, and opened me up to a lot of ideas, it allowed me to venture deeper into a path that I previously had not explored.  Yoga is still a very magical path, but for now my personal spiritual journey is taking me away from the study of witchcraft and paganism.  I am diving deeper into my core spiritual practices, my writing, poetry, spiritual/healing consultations, travel and who I am in this moment.  My world has changed a lot over the past month.  My intuition is guiding me, and I’m learning to listen more deeply, and my life is coming full circle in a lot of ways. 

My work is, and has always been on Soul Evolution and Growth.  As I move forward I will be posting at is where I’ll be posting updates about my journey, my poetry, and my insights into the sacred soul journey.  So, be sure to follow along. 

I also have a new facebook page:  Soul Intuitive Michael Brazell

I am also going to be bringing my radio show back online in January:

I am continuing my journey into the sacred.  My focus is not on diving deeper into my personal sacred journey, engaging my community, and getting out into the world.  I plan on doing a lot of traveling this next year, and also have a move on the horizon.  I am going to leave this blog up, as I believe everything that we do is part of the sacred journey.  I may revist from time to time, and if anyone would like to contact me you can email me at:

I want to thank all of you for following me here, for sharing this part of my journey, and hope that you will continue to walk this road with me as the new year unfolds itself. 


Michael Brazell

Tap Dancer

Quick Stream  of Consciousness Poem:  Most of these I get down as my fingers hit the keyboard, then I go back and hand write them, give them life, and see where they go….


Sometimes I let the pain write the poems, She has a soft hand and vicious ear… You can hear her in the silence behind my smile, she wraps her arms around me like the broken promises we folded into paper airplanes, wishes scream louder in the free fall.  Her fingers are tap dancer on keyboard, she avoids the truth like its the only cheese dish at a vegan dinner, but eventually we run out of things to feed ourselves… She and I dance pretty ballerina jewel box dances when the lid is shut, you took the jewels, but you cant take the dance… 

Sometimes I let the pain write the poems, She has a soft hand and a vicious ear…

Finding the flow, when you are caught in the waves

oceanI haven’t been on the blog in a while.  Like many, I am feeling the upheaval of this time of year.  Life changes in an instant, and sometimes the entirety of our experience can shift.  When the waves are rolling in, it is important to start using all of those spiritual tools that we have been collecting over the years.  One of the questions I get asked a lot is,

“How do I stay centered in all of this upheaval?”

Now, what I am about to say is going to sound counter intuitive, but it is something that holds a lot of truth…Don’t try to stay centered in all of it.  Let yourself feel the entirety of the ocean.  Feel the waves of emotion that come through life experience, and acknowledge all of them.  Let yourself be present in your presence.  Staying in the moment is not an easy thing to do.  Holding steady, and just allowing the rain to fall on us when we have forgotten our umbrella is not easy.. but will running really get us less wet?

Many of us are taught to either push away the emotions that upheaval bring, or to pull them close to us.  The other option is to do nothing except give what arises within you your gentle observation.  In upheaval we can cling to that which is moving away from us, and this keeps us in a pity puddle.  Some of us get use to being the victims of our experience.  We get use to false refuges, and we stay in situations that feel safe.   Pushing things away can be equally harmful to our experience.  When we suppress emotions, when we do not acknowledge that grieving is a necessary part of any transition, we allow ourselves to move through anger, hurt, or heavier emotions with grace.  We allow tears to flow, because “being strong” means being vulnerable.  We we move into this type of grace with ourselves, we do not resist, but allow.

Another important part of finding our flow is allowing detox to happen.  Whenever we go through the currents of life, when we feel the loss, we have to allow a period of detoxification.  Part of suppression is moving too quickly into the next experience.  If we do not take time to process our lessons, we will have to go through them again, and they only get closer too us.

In the end, it is not about staying centered, but staying with the flow. YOU are the center, and where you are is where you are supposed to be. It might not be pretty, but it is the reality of any given moment.  This acceptance allows you to be in the flow, and in a place of balance with the forces around you.  So, don’t look for the center, be the center.  Be all that you are.

So, getting back into the blogging flow.  I’ll have more to post soon, new things are coming, new projects, a move, and new experiences.   I am not sure what comes next, but the flow is wonderful.

You are Loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine.

Michael Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT

Poem, Stream of Consciousness

Last night I had a dream…

It was about the time I fell into your forever beneath a street light.  It was supernova in the rain, and the drops chased us like stardust. .We ran for cover, jumping puddles like hurdles to infinity… the kiss of rain on window panes as gentle as ear on heartbeat…

I’m still searching for the moment when heartbeats became war drums.. My ears became deaf to the instruments, maybe if I would’ve listened just a little more closely…

My eyes have learned the language of waterfalls..

My fingers stained with poems searching for safety like umbrellas on rainy nights

Poems are not road maps around the hurdles…

My mind grabs memories like puddles grab rain drops…

My hands puddle tear drops into poems…

My poems, stardust caught in street lights…

Dreams fade into sunshine… then we wake up..