Haven’t done poetry in a while.. tho, I’m in a poetic mood, so here goes….


Tonight I am wrapping myself in blankets of memory, some of them warm, some of them are patchwork quilts.. memories stitched together, the seams sometimes blurred.. Like me…

The poems elude me.. I am dancing in the silence of my own symphony… Sometimes wondering if all this meaning has purpose, and if that purpose will carry all of us to a new tomorrow… and tomorrow I’ll get up and start over.  Sometimes the knots in my stomach remember your hands…  You hands, they were brutally soft.  They knew all the right buttons to push, self destruct was the easiest to find… I’m still looking for the off button, but for now I’ll settle for a cup of grace… two scoops of hope, and memories that sometimes keep me up like a heavy dose of caffeine…

But for now,

the knots they keep me from coming undone…

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