Tuesday Spiritual Fitness and Nutrition Tip 03/6/12

Here are your Tuesday Spiritual Fitness and Nutrition Tips!

Fitness:  Start small.  Like anything, if we make the fitness process complicated or overwhelming, we are going to be less likely to do it.  Start small and easy.  As soon as your feet hit the floor do 1 lunge, 1 push up, or one 10 second plank.  If then you feel like adding a little extra you can, even if you only do the one, you at least showed up to your fitness practice.  Sometimes getting the energy going can be the hardest part, and showing up is essential.  Just being present and fully conscious in that first push up of the day can make a big difference in how the rest of your day will go.  Start today!

Nutrition: Plan ahead.  My theory on planning is simple: If you have time to tweet, email, or Facebook–you have time to schedule your meals for the week.  Many of us live busy lives, and being busy causes us to reach out in convenience.  If you did not plan ahead and forgot to bring your healthy snacks, then that bag of chips becomes that much more attractive.  It only takes a few moments to pack some veggies, nuts or even to decide where you will go.  Busy lives also do not always sneak up on us.  We know when we can expect things to typically go haywire.  If Tuesdays are always crazy for you, then especially plan to be more mindful on that day.  Stress also causes us to reach out in convenience.  Knowing you have a healthy option at arm’s length can also help to reduce guilt, stress, and anxiety associated with not taking care of yourself.

Post, share, comment, and be present!

Michael Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT





PBP2012: “E”- Evolving Our Practice

I’ll be the first to admit that I have spiritual ADD.  I find myself floating between books, practices, rituals, and communities.  For me, this has been a good thing.  Each time we dip our toes in something new we create ripples in our path work.  We develop new ideas and concepts, and we might not take on everything that we encounter, but we may pick up new tools that will help us to evolve our practice.  Sometimes you have to shake the snow globe to remember how pretty it is. Of course, I’m not saying that you have to dive into every puddle that comes your way, but we do not want to get stagnant in our practice.  New life and breath is always a good thing.  I am a professional psychic/medium.  My method of connection is primarily entering into sacred space and enter into the person’s energy.  I love what I do, but even in that space I am learning to use other divination methods to evolve my connection the energy.  One tool that I have used to evolve my psychic work is tarot.  I have found that through working with the symbology present in the cards that my clairvoyance is getting stronger.  This will allow me to be of greater service to my clients, but in my own personal practice.

Taking on aspects of another practice also allows us to see where others are in their beliefs, Buddhist meditation can help us connect to a deeper aspect of self and an understanding of moving through suffering.  Connecting to Pagan/Wiccan path can teach us how to connect to the seasons, the earth, and to change.  The Hindu practice of yoga can teach us how to flow through life and how to connect to the breath.

Take a look at your practice and ask where you might want to add some new spices.  Even just looking at your practice and asking where you might want to expand or grow will allow you deeper connection into your craft.


Mahayogi Das CFT CSN MAT PAT