Weekly Spiritual Fitness and Nutrition Tip: 3/28/2012

Coming into alignment.   In order for us to be better aligned in all areas of our lives, we have to be sure our physical body is in alignment.  We can do this by strengthening our core, and using better posture.  Even the foods we eat can either bring us into center, or shift us off balance.  Right now, check to see where your shoulder are (are they rounded forward/slouching/raised), now take a deep breath bring the heart center forward and feel the physical body aligning itself.  I’ll post a video on this later this week as it’ll make more sense if you can see the process, but I wanted to ping all of you to start being aware of how you sit, stand and move.  Fitness is aligning ourselves at all times, not just in the workout arena, or behind the computer.  Take a water hose for instance, the more bends it has in it, the less the water can move through it.  Poor posture, core strength and poor nutrition can keep energy from moving through you and into your great work.  Take an inventory right now of food, situations, and times you feel “less aligned”.

Be sure to check out my yoga blog: The Deviant Yogi: Journey of a Yoga Witch  Ill be posting articles on balance, core, and meditations to bring your temple into greater alignment with the spirit.

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