Divine Listening

We are in a world that rushes from one place to the next.  We are in the constant ebb and flow of the world around us.  We have deadlines, commitments, schedules and technology constantly pinging us.  Very often the divine is also trying to reach through our hectic experience to offer blessing, or guidance.  If we do not take time to slow down, very often we miss these messages.   This is a time where we have to be sure we are taking time to breathe.  We seldom even make time to just be in the presence of our own light as we rush along through the day.  Taking a moment to fully come into consciousness of one single breath can make a big difference.  When we rush, we often also fall.   We end up in situations that are not ours, and we end us using phrases like “I knew I should not have done that”.  Of course we did, but we were going faster than our intuition could grab us, and we were not able to hit the breaks in time.

If you feel like you are rushing through this life, slow down and enjoy it.  Take a moment to be kind to yourself and listen for those messages from spirit.   The intuition is the best guidance system we have, and it holds a much clearer map than we have.  Take a moment to just sit, breathe, and be conscious.

Michael Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT



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