Tuesday Spiritual Nutrition and Fitness Tip 1/17/2012

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Nutrition:  Don’t tell yourself that you “can’t have something”.  We are programmed from a very young age that when someone puts a limitation on us we will rebel and do it anyway.  Someone saying “Don’t push that red button”, just makes us want to push it.  The same works with nutrition and diet.  When we tell ourselves that we will never have sweets, carbs, etc.  we only create a stronger desire for them.   This is affirmation work at its best.  Affirmations can work both ways, so we have to use a positive affirmation to eliminate the buried negative one.

Negative Affirmation:

“I will never have sugar again, its what is causing me to gain weight”

–This makes all sugar negative, and when we inevitably have something containing sugar, we hold onto more guilt.

“I allow myself to enjoy all aspects of eating.  I am in complete control of what fuels my body to be at its very best”

An affirmation like this one still gives me permission to have that cupcake, and without the guilt, and with more enjoyment.  Life is about enjoying what we have in front of us.  Allow yourself to engage in treats, but give yourself permission to be in control.  If you get a cupcake, eat 1/2 and give the other to a friend, or save it for another day.

Our relationship to food is 90% psychological, learning to balance this relationship will help you moving forward, and will be the focus of future blog posts.

Fitness:  “I don’t have time to workout”.  Well, I don’t have time to listen to limitations.  There is always time.  We find time to watch TV, we find time to go to Starbucks, we find time to complain about not working out.  All you need to do is consciously connect to your day and find spots to add in a little fitness.  Take the stairs instead of the escalator, if you are going to Starbucks pick one that is further away (and if it means you’ll be late getting back to work, more reason to move faster–adding in cardio).  See how easy it is to simply add in a few moments here and there.

Here is a personal example:  So we are stuck at my shop doing in inventory this week.  I’ve been off my personal routine, but I am not going to let that stop me.  Every hour my phone buzzes, I take a break, go into the back and do 25-30 push ups.  In 8 hours I’ve done over 200 hundred push ups, an each time it only takes me 30 seconds.

There is NO EXCUSE not to add some fitness into your day.  Connecting to the body is one step in connecting to the soul.  So, stop complaining and start doing!

Mahayogi Das CFT CSN MAT PAT