Poem: 4/14/2010

We dance under the stars, and they laugh…  the moon plays her violin as the sun sleeps away to the sound of our tip toes… we dance under the stars, and the ocean… crashes into her lover, but the shoreline doesn’t ever give up on her…  We all trip up sometime during the dance, and we even break a few toes along the way…  I never said I was a ballerina, and I never knew what grace was I saw you moving steadily beside me, you took my hand in yours and taught me how to waltz… we two stepped to the sound of the flute breathing to the sound of God whispering songs of peace and love… we created harmony… We learned to dance by watching the sky, that moon in her twirling fashion, crashing like a wave on my shoreline.. leave your mark on my heart… you are my beautiful dancer, hold me now and dance with me… let’s dance like tomorrow will never come…  like no one is watching.. except one billion laughing stars…

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