4/08/2010 Poem

Tonight I ask that you only say a prayer for love…  ask for your light to shine so bright that she finds her way back to you… You’ve been sitting in the dark for way too long, brush the dust off your shoulders, and breath in this life…. You have so much to give this world so believe in beauty, believe in the sun’s power to grow life, and there are shadows but they move like the clouds, they change shape, they dance… remember our first dance on the beach?… remember our first sunset? Do you remember me?  When you are sitting all alone do you remember my touch?  Do you remember my ear against your heart as we would drift into better days?  Do you remember the promises we said we would never break… shattered memories can be the hardest to piece back together, but tonight ask love to fill the cracks… piece me back together in your mind.. dont forget me lover, dont forget…

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