Reflections on 2012: Our DC Winter Wonderland

We braved the tundra today because I needed to get some Decaf from the 7-11.  While venturing out the first thing we were hit with was the sense of isolation, the sense that we were the only ones, and you realize the true power of the elements.

It really brings to question how prepared we are for things to come.  There are a lot of theories about 2012, and what will or will not happen.  I feel that the universe is giving us time to prepare.  We are having mini test runs of things to come, and how we react to these events will give us an approximation of where we are in our preparedness.  I’m not only talking about having extra toilet paper, but where are we on our spiritual paths.  When we see someone in need, to we offer to help, or do we just walk on by.  We are all in this thing together, wether we like it or not.  It is much easier to prepare now than to wait.  I am going to start doing more discussion on the 2012 topic.  There is so much information out there, and there is not a lot of honest discussion.  When we are in a place where we can talk about what the future holds- good and bad- we start to eliminate fear.  We being the process of becoming prepared to face anything.

For those of you who think nothing is going to happen, I only ask that you look to your newspapers, TVs,  or backyards.  The world is changing rapidly.  We are more disconnected in this time than we have ever been in our past.  Our reliance on technology has removed from us an important part of connection to others, and in turn to self.  What if technology disappeared?  How would you know what is going on in the world?  How would you stay connected to those you love?

You are all loved.   If you have specific questions about 2012 that you want to discuss, share below and I will post in response.

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